Advanced Scholars Christian Academy

  Empowering Christian Intellects   

Advanced Scholars Christian Academy in Fort Pierce

Advanced Scholars Christian Academy in Fort Pierce, FL, is a faith-based educational institution that teaches and practices Christian values and aspires to be a pioneer and leader in St. Lucie County’s education system.

We exist to cooperate with Christian parents and to teach and train their children according to the word of God. We seek to integrate the truth of the scripture into every aspect of our school and to nurture the development of Christian character in every student.

We believe the main focus of our school is to be Christ-centered and we want to present our students with an opportunity to know Christ. We aim at redemption and restoration, thereby making the word of God the main focus of our establishment.

Quality Education

In so doing non-believers can experience salvation and believers can continue to strengthen their foundation in Christ Jesus. We want to equip our students with the knowledge and tools they may need to impact their world.


Our mission is to make education the basis for personal development and the love of God the foundation to attain Salvation.

We aim to provide students with quality education by sharing Christian values, instructing academic excellence, and teaching skills to prepare each child for lifelong learning. We serve as an educational institution which will empower young Scholars for Christ.

Our purpose and vision is to build a solid academic foundation to impart God-centered values and to guide children to develop their own unique gifts and abilities. This we strongly believe, can be accomplished by nurturing each child in body, mind and spirit.

Loving Christian Atmosphere

We strive to serve as an extension of the home and a link to foster a relationship between our families and local churches in the community.

We are an interdenominational elementary school that is and will continue to be governed by the not-for-profit Articles of Incorporation set forth for Advanced Scholars Christian Academy.

What Sets Us Apart

At Advanced Scholars Christian Academy, our academics are aimed at maximizing the potential of each and every child. From the time our students join our community, they will experience a nurturing atmosphere of learning and discovery in all areas of academics. We seek to partner with parents to prepare students for a level of education that exceeds all of St. Lucie County and a life of service to our Lord through excellence in Bible-centered instruction and through Godly example. To fulfill this partnership, we are committed to providing:

  • Extra activities including but not limited to Art, Music, Physical Education and Computer
  • Highly qualified Christian teachers
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Most affordable tuition in all of St. Lucie   County
  • Mentorship Program
  • Adopt a Kid Program
  • Tutoring Service
  • Before and Aftercare Service
  • Summer Camp and Summer School

  • Plenty of individual attention
  • Unbeatable instruction via the ABEKA curriculum
  • Weekly chapel
  • Faith-Based educational institution
  • Monthly Heritage Assembly
  • Etiquette classes
  • Monthly Science Projects and Book Reports (all grade levels)

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